I've faced plenty of anxiety battles, and I bet you have too.  What career should I choose? Should I say yes? How can I lose this weight? How did I gain this weight? Am I even on the right track? The mental list of questions can be endless. We all get trapped in our own minds, revisiting the same issue a hundred times, piling self doubt and judgement so high its impossible to see around it.  We don't really intend to build our uncertainty mountain; it's just so easy to do!

My heart's passion is to help women like you & me be fully invested in today; excited about what God has for us in the here & now and expectant for the future that He's already planned.  What if you lived that way? Waking up each morning ready to lean into whatever comes your way.  Joyfully resting in His power, His plan, & His purpose.  We can't do it on our own; I've tried. We need someone in our corner, cheering us on and helping us course correct as we go.  Let's do this together.

With you + for you,


Wondering about my background?

I made a few stops on my way to becoming a coach.