My speaking topics help women see purpose in their unique stories and appreciate where they are today .

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Craft your Mission {workshop}

I believe that our story and our gifts tell us all we need to know about our calling.  We each have unique experiences that have shaped our lives; lessons we've learned that could make life just a little easier for someone else. What if we were simply called to share those stories?

And, what if our gifts are the megaphone we've been given to speak through?  In my mission statement workshops, participants spend time digging into their stories and their giftings to create a simple, actionable mission statements. 

Mental Pileup

What do we do with all those thoughts in our heads?  I've tried quite a few options {healthy and not so healthy}, and I bet you have too.  It took me a long time to realize that I needed to start sharing those thoughts instead of keeping them bundled inside. 

By God's grace, the person I first shared with was a Christian counselor. She taught me to apply scripture to my thoughts, and it changed my life.  In this discussion, your ladies will be encouraged to join in community with other believers and renew their minds with truth.

Be Where Your Feet Are

Most of us {consciously or not} have the idea that we're headed toward some future perfection.  I'm a dreamer and a doer, so I'm as guilty of future-tripping as everyone else. 

What would it look like if we all lived where our feet are?  Giving all of ourselves to each moment and being fully invested in today.  That sounds pretty impactful, don't you think?  In this talk, your ladies will think through the areas where they spend the most time dwelling in the future and learn strategies to keep their minds focused on today.



Clarify Your Brand

For this workshop, I join forces with Atlanta-based visual strategist Angie Webb.  Angie's specialty is visual storytelling, and mine is story-understanding.  Together, we work with entrepreneurs to identify their brand purpose and relay a compelling story through their website and marketing materials.